Idaho's pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers provide women with the necessary assistance to help them create a life plan for their unborn child. First, they find out what each individual women needs. Second, they all provide free pregnancy tests, and many provide free ultrasounds. Third, if the center doesn't offer medical assistance, they help the women obtain the necessary care they need. For example, a mother recently went to Stanton Healthcare in Meridian, Idaho after taking an abortion pill she purchased at Planned Parenthood (over $1,000 for an ultrasound and abortion pill). Later that evening, she couldn't sleep because she feared she killed her unborn child, and she searched online for help where she found an 800 number such as 877-558-0333. A caring individual connected her with Stanton Healthcare where she received a free ultrasound, and learned her baby was still alive. She started an abortion pill reversal protocol, and her baby survived. This mom went on to say that without the loving support during and after her pregnancy she received from Stanton Healthcare, she would have missed out on life with her son and would have regretted that decision forever. Idaho has 14, pro-life, non-profit Pregnancy Resource Centers helping women every day by providing free care to women in need. In conclusion, they first care for the women, second, they provide the necessary support to help women create a life plan for their unborn child. Moreover, they continue to support women who need help after her child is born.

Now more than ever, we must stand up for life and support these priceless Pregnancy Resource Centers. Abortion gives men the right to have sex and run. Abortion doesn't empower women. On the contrary, studies show it most often deeply wounds them. When you purchase a Choose Life Idaho specialty license plate, you show Idaho women you care, you support the unborn by giving them a voice, and you lead women to the help they need to be successful, proud, and empowered. 

Get a plate today, and let's save lives together.

All proceeds benefit Idaho pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers and build a culture of Life.

Choose Life Idaho is a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 83-2379250.

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