This Idaho license plate builds a culture of life!

All Proceeds benefit Idaho pro-life Pregnancy Resource and Adoption Centers who don’t refer for abortion.

You don’t have to wait until your registration is due. Switching to a Choose Life Idaho license plate is easy at your local DMV. Personalized Choose Life Idaho plates are available online. Idaho doesn’t offer online purchases unless you choose to personalize your plate.

Your Next Steps:

  • Get your Driver’s License and your current license plate number (even without a renewal paper)
  • Go to your local DMV (find your DMV here)
  • And, please invite a friend to do the same; & let’s all save lives together. 😊



  1. Can I purchase it online? Yes, if you personalize your plate.  If you don’t personalize the 6 characters, you will need to visit your local DMV in person.
  2. Can I personalize a Choose Life Idaho license plate? Yes, this option is available both online and at your local DMV.
  3. Where is my local DMV? You can find a list of local DMVs here (scroll down the page to find the listings).
  4. I already have an Idaho personalized license plate; can I keep my personalized message? Yes, visit your local DMV for details.
  5. What is the cost? Specialty license plates cost $35 for the initial purchase in addition to the regular Idaho registration fees. When you renew your plates in subsequent years, the cost is $25 plus your regular Idaho registration fees.
  6. Why should I purchase a plate? Choose Life Idaho License plates send a message of hope to our community, and spreads a message of love. Many individuals in a crisis pregnancy look for a sign to help them decide whether or not to abort their child. Learn more
  7. My registration isn’t due now, can I switch to a Choose Life Idaho plate? Yes, visit your local DMV for details, or personalize a Choose Life Idaho license plate online.
  8. Who profits from funds raised? 100% of proceeds are used to promote the culture of life, and benefit Idaho pregnancy resource and adoption centers.
  9. Who is Choose Life Idaho? Choose Life Idaho, an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, encouraging our community to support women facing an unplanned pregnancy.
  10. Will funds support legislation to end abortion? No, Choose Life Idaho, is not a political action committee, and we are not affiliated with any political action committees.
  11. How can I help?
    1. Purchase a Choose Life Idaho specialty license plate.
    2. Spread the news in your local community and pray for the success of the Choose Life Idaho license plate.
    3. Donate or volunteer with Choose Life Idaho. Please email for more information.

Thank you for helping save lives!