Give Preborn Children License To Live

Purchase a Plate

Give Preborn Children License To Live

Purchase a Plate

Give Preborn Children License To Live

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Our Mission

Adoption Builds a Family


Your Generosity Saves Lives


Ways We Can Help

Show Your Support. Change The World.

Established in 2018, we are a pro-life, non-profit, all-volunteer organization whose core mission is to help women choose life for their unborn children. We accomplish this by both raising awareness in the community with our license plate and by raising funds for Idaho Pregnancy Resource Centers throughout the state. Proceeds from license plate sales go to only Idaho Pregnancy Resource Centers who do not refer for abortion. We promote adoption as a positive choice for women in an unplanned pregnancy because we know that adoption builds a family.

Our Plates Help Women Choose Life

The image is a pro-life sign to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our website directs women to free, pro-life centers where they will find the help and support they need at this critical time. Visit our Resources page and view your life before birth.

Change Hearts and Save Lives

Choose Life Idaho license plates are a small billboard for life spreading a message of love, mercy, and hope in our community. Women shouldn’t fear an unplanned pregnancy. Idaho respects life, and provides the care they need.

Get Your Plate Today

By purchasing a Choose Life Idaho license plate, you will be supporting Pregnancy Resource Centers across Idaho. They meet the physical, emotional, and medical needs of women by providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and compassionate, sound advice about pregnancy.

How It Works

When you purchase an Idaho Choose Life license plate from the DMV you will pay a $35 fee. The DMV will keep a $13 handling fee and the remaining $22 is donated to our Pregnancy Center partners.

This License Plate Means A Lot


The image of a man holding a child surrounded by a heart with a healthy heartbeat sends a message of love, mercy, and hope. The heart symbolizes love for the unborn and mercy for those wounded by abortion. The man lifting the child reminds us that men have a voice and a responsibility to protect women and children. We can change the world one heart at a time.