About Us

The Choose Life Idaho license plate will send a subtle yet powerful message to our community: adoption builds a family. This message of hope tells mothers and fathers they are loved, respected, and we support their decision to choose life. Choose Life Idaho will receive $22.00 of each initial registration fee and $12.00 of each renewal fee. Funds raised by Choose Life Idaho will be distributed to life affirming pregnancy resource centers for the benefit of women at risk of choosing abortion, and to assist other 501(c)(3) agencies who provide counseling, care, and assistance to women to encourage alternatives to abortion. We believe all life is precious, and a preborn child in their mother’s womb is a human life. Help us spread a message of love and hope in Idaho.

For more information, email info@chooselifeidaho.org.

Sample Choose Life Idaho License Plate

The history of Choose Life America

At present, Choose Life license plates are available in 32 states and have risen over $28,000,000 dollars for life affirming pregnancy resource centers. Since 2000, over 1,200,000 plates have been sold or renewed.

Map of states with a Choose Life License Plate
Choose Life License Plates available in other states.