Choose Life Idaho

An all-volunteer organization giving preborn children license to live.

The Choose Life Idaho specialty license plate sends a subtle yet powerful message to our community. If you’re pro-life, this may be the single most important thing you can do today to save a preborn child. This message of hope tells mothers and fathers they are loved, respected, and we support their decision to choose life.

Life is a blessing from God, and a preborn child in their mother’s womb is a tiny baby without a voice. Help us be a voice for the voiceless and spread a message of love and hope in Idaho.

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No need to wait until your registration is due. Visit your local Idaho DMV to purchase, or click here to personalize online 24 hours / day.

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Interested in becoming a Choose Life Idaho volunteer?

We’re seeking pro-life individuals to spread our message of hope in Idaho. For details on how you can help, email